Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Secret Journal of Brett Colton

Review by heyes

The Secret Journal of Brett Colton 
by Kay Lynn Mangum

Genre: Romance, Drama, LDS Fiction, 

Personal Rating: Y.

Content Review: Religion: Some Latter-Day Saint/Christian Themes

Short Summary: This is the story of sixteen year old Kathy Colton, who resents her deceased brother that succumbed to cancer when she was a toddler. Her family seems to think that he was perfect and doesn't have time for her. She happens upon his journal that he left specifically for her. Through reading his experiences and through her own in tutoring popular football player, Jason, who happens to be a Mormon, she learns the importance of family, friends and nurturing faith. 

Personal Review: Don't worry no spoliers. I really loved this book. You can see Kathy's life change from being cynical and unhappy at home with her family to seeing her really see things in a different light and being grateful for what and who she has. You don't have to be Mormon or LDS to like this book. But have a box of kleenex nearby.


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