Hi my name is heyes with a lower case h. I started this site because I love clean reads. The members of this group believe in the same morals that I do and this is a disclaimer that we WILL be biased in our reviews. The reviews are going to be based on our opinions. I am not open minded in my ratings of these books. I am doing it as a parent with the principles I want to teach my own children in mind. Things that I consider trash in books are: 1. Sex: I believe that intimacy should be reserved between a man and a woman within the bonds of marriage. I abhor any petting, teen sex, detailed sex scenes, vulgar remarks about sex, adultery, fornication, sexual abuse and homosexuality. 2. Language: I, personally do not swear. I'll usually let some slide like Damn and Hell in books, other cursing I do not like but I sometimes make exceptions depending upon the content. 3. Violence: I am not opposed to violence in self defense and war, however I do not approve of Sadistic content such as drinking blood/cannibalism, descriptive or glorified physical abuse, and violence just to have violence. 4. I believe that even reading demonic or satanic things can influence your behavior so I try to stay away from books that have to do with satanic rituals, etc. 5. Substance abuse: I don't do drugs, smoke, or drink alcohol. I do not like books that contain use of these substances especially underage use of these substances. 6. Characters: I don't like books that's heroes and/or heroines have no redeeming qualities. If the heroes are going to be idolized, they need to be good people or at least show some improvement throughout the book.

These are the things that we do not like in the books we read. Therefore, there may not be a lot of books on here that contain these things. The ones that do contain content in these categories, be it mild or otherwise, we'll be sure to put
 in the content review section.


I am a 23 year old mother of two daughters, I am a Christian, and I can't stand an upper case h. 

Now a little about the books I like. My favorite kinds of books are Regency Romance, Fractured Fairy tales and Fantasy. I really enjoy a lot of types of books though, these are just my favorites. I love reading but also have other hobbies, like playing volleyball, watching sports, writing, and scrap booking. I have been married for five years and have two beautiful daughters and I can't wait to share some of the adventures I had as a kid through reading with them.


Mother of six, Grandmother of 13, I love to read, paint, write, teach and spend time with my family. 


I am a 24 year old female college student.  I have always loved to read but have sometimes found it difficult to find good clean books. I love all kinds of genres. The main thing that I look for in a good book is good character development. When I read a book I put myself completely into the character's situations and how they are feeling (This is why I usually end up crying in books.) I hope that you enjoy my reviews!

August Kemp

Unlike all other reviewers on this site, I am a dude. I like to think of myself as a writer but in actuality I only dabble in the art on my spare time. I enjoy reading, which takes up even more of my spare time, so I really don't write often at all. My taste in literature is a little different than some of the other reviewers (although for the most part I like their taste in books too) and I tend to be a bit sporadic in the genre I like most. I've enjoyed books in the genre range from The Road by Cormac McCarthy to Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli to Harry Potter. I can be a bit sarcastic or playfully cynical at times and so I hope that no one reading my reviews ever chooses to be offended by something that I write. Most of all I just hope that people continue reading in general, and if something I write inspires others to read (even if it's just reading my opinion about a book) than I am a happy man.


 ...Lets see I'm 24, I played basketball in college, I'm a mother and wife, and I love to learn. I could go on but that covers some of the basics. I guess there is one more thing. 

I am slightly dyslexic and as such reading and writing were very hard to conquer as a child but with the help of Ella Enchanted and Harry Potter I found the motivation to work through my disability. My love of reading has helped me to overcome my fear of writing as well. I am excited for this opportunity to share my thoughts and love of reading with the world. 

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