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Welcome to Biscuit's Library. 
We are a book club consisting of members that would like to see more clean books promoted. We hope you enjoy this site.

Biscuit is my daughter (as she was named by her uncles) This site was inspired by her before she was even born. The purpose of this blog is to be a reference for those looking for clean reads, either for themselves or others.  I have always loved reading, a trait passed down from my mom. Also passed down from my mother is an abhorrence of immorality. Obviously I was aware of immorality all around me but when I was 13 years old it crept into my favorite past time: reading. Not wanting to read the muck in books, I started looking for sites much like this one that could rate books for me. I was unable to find any that were very helpful. If I found a book that was clean, I kept it, regardless if I thought I would ever read them again. I did this with a foresight that one day I would have daughters and if they were anything like me, they'd want to read books. So now, nearly ten years later, I have two daughter's and I finally decided to get this blog going.

This library is going to consist of the books that I would recommend to my daughters in their adolescence. Here is a rough summary of what information you can expect in the future. The kind of books that will be rated on here will range from elementary age to adulthood. For every book, reviewed a member of the book club, we will have the genre, a personal rating (whether or not they would recommend it and at what age), a content review (details of what you can expect the book to contain), a short summary, and their own personal review (their opinion, nothing else). We will also be sharing links with you of other sites that we have found useful in finding the clean books you want. We are open to receiving suggestions to more titles that you would like reviewed. Hopefully this can be a guide to help you find the books that will uplift you, not bring you down; books you can recommend to others, and help you avoid the unpleasant experiences and wasted money trashy books inflict on us all.

For a lot of the books we review, the members of this book club will meet and have discussions on the book. Coming eventually will be book club questions and our own discussions about the books. We hope that you will be able to use this as a reference for your own book clubs and to help you know more about the book club members and how they rate book so that you can find the one that best matches your own personal views. 


Personal Rating and Review Key

Personal Ratings: 
(Y)     This means Yes I would recommend  my daughter read this book at any age
(N)     This means that I would not recommend my daughter read this at any age
(Y-#)  The # sign represents an approximate age that we think would be appropriate for our children to read this book. **** We realize that all children are different and the ages represent our best attempt to help those trying to find age appropriate books. The ages are generalizations. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions.****

Content Review:
This area is where we will put details of any content in the book that may not be acceptable to all readers.

Short Summary:
Here will be a short summary of what the book is about to give you an idea if you would like to read it or not, much like what you would find on the back cover of a book

Personal Review: SPOILER ALERT!
This is where the reviewer writes why they really liked the book, didn't like it at all, or anywhere in between. This review may reveal spoilers in the book. I hate spoilers so if you don't want any, then you may not want to read this review. You have been warned. All books may not have this review.