Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Fair Godmother

Review by heyes

My Fair Godmother

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Fractured Fairy-tale

Rating: Y

Content: Clean

We have all heard it before. Jane is a nerd and no guys notice her, but wait actually she’s pretty and gets the guy she’s been in love with for forever. Fast forward… this story isn’t about Jane it is actually about Savannah; beautiful, popular, and couldn’t care less about school, Savannah. She’s just been dumped and humiliated. Enter Chrysanthemum Everstar. She’s Savannah’s Fair Godmother. Fair because she takes a page from Savannah’s book when it comes to school work. Now Savannah’s miserable life is Chrissy’s extra credit assignment. Savannah gets three wishes to turn her pathetic life into something more. The problem is when a broken-hearted teenager that has no idea what she actually wants makes wishes granted by a fairy who didn’t pay attention in school and a disgruntled leprechaun, Savannah doesn’t get Prince Charming. She gets an evil step mother, ugly step sisters, and the middle ages.

Personal Review:

My book club just read this book for book club and everyone loved it. This book is written so cute and cleverly and all the characters are great. The author is so talented when it comes to making you like characters that are likable and ones that you normally root for. The romance is cute and clean. The morals made in this story are good morals that I want my kids to learn. i.e. “Well if you wanted a guy that is smart why haven’t you been developing that attribute in yourself” (Very paraphrased) This is a book that will have you turning pages all night and wishing for more. Which is great since there is a second one out and a third currently being written. But honestly if you like this book you don’t need to wait for the third. You can’t go wrong with anything Janette Rallison writes.


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  1. Is this the first book in the series'?

    1. This is the first fair godmother book that she wrote there is another one titled My Unfair godmother and she is writing a third one right now however they are all about different girls so they are not sequels they are more like companion books (and they don't need to be read in a specific order.)