Monday, July 7, 2014

Becoming Lady Lockwood

Becoming Lady Lockwood
by Jennifer Moore

Genre: Regency, Young Adult

Rating: Y

Content: Clean

Amelia is a widow that never had a chance to meet her husband before his untimely demise. The new Earl of Lockwood does not want to bequeath the third of his estates to his brother's conniving widow. As Amelia sails from her home in Jamaica to London to the trial that will decide if she is the former Countess of Lockwood, she finds it impossible to avoid her faux brother in law and soon finds she doesn't want to. But the law may decide she is his sister and the last person that he should have feelings for.

Personal Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book and May or may not have stayed up till 2:30am reading it. Which may not be significant since I have stayed up late for many unworthy books. With this book, I simply lost track of time. I really enjoyed the characters. I thought that Amelia was well rounded heroine without being so obviously sainted by the author. I thought both the hero and heroine could have been real people and that they were consistent. Something that I really liked about this book was the lack of problem most romances have: the conflict between couples that is blown out of proportion and could be cleared with a simple conversation. Maybe mainly because the conflict was that they couldn’t have a conversation. But either way it was refreshing. This book also didn’t have the main characters thinking things like I don't know why I want to be around them always, and when another person shows attention to them I am jealous, but of course I can't figure out that I love them, or am even interested in them for like 5 years. Again, it was refreshing. This book is comparable to Sarah Eden or Julianne Donaldson, at least right now, I liked it better. SPOILER ALERT The only thing that I could say negatively about it is that I’m not sure if the legal problem between them as far as not being able to marry your brother’s widow. Maybe that’s true but other than it being somewhat suspect or questionable I think it was legal. I don’t know, if you do please let me know.

- heyes

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