Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All's Fair in Love War and High School

Review by Curry

By: Janette Rallison

Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance

Rating: Y

Content: This book is super clean. One time they mention that a character likes to party and drink (but it is looked down upon)

Let me just start off by saying that I am a big fan of Janette Rallison. Her books are very fun and clever and yet they are not shallow like teen fiction can sometimes be.  Her characters are very well rounded and there are always good lessons to be learned.
All’s Fair in Love war and High School is no exception to this.

Here is a summary:

Samantha Taylor is popular and pretty. Everything that you could want in high school, right? But when she bombs the SATs Samantha starts to think beyond high school and begins to worry about not getting accepted into college because of her less than outstanding grades. In an effort to make a college application seem more impressive Samantha decides to run for student body president. When she makes a bet with her long time friend/enemy, Logan, that she can go two weeks without insulting someone Samantha’s real journey begins.  Along this journey she learns that how she perceives herself and how others see her might not be exactly aligned and she may be the one in the wrong.

Personal Review:

I really enjoyed this book for many reasons. We read teen fiction all the time about the “average girl,” or the “shy smart book worm,” or the “outcast,” etc. But it is not so often that we read books about the “popular cheerleader.” Samantha is a flawed character but that was what made her endearing to me. No matter what stereotype we fit into in life we all have feelings and we all have insecurities. This book did a really good job at showing Samantha’s insecurities and strengths as well as her good sides. She is very clever and funny. It was so fun to follow along in her journey in this book.  This book is hilarious as well as sweet. I recommend it!
(Oh and the supporting characters were great too! I love Logan)

- Curry :)

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