Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Wide-Awake Princess

Review by Curry

by: E.D. Baker

Genre: Fantasy, Fractured Fairy Tale, Young Readers

Rating: Y

Content: Clean


This book is about princess Anna, Who is the younger sister of Gwen (sleeping beauty.)  When princess Anna was born she was blessed that no magic could touch her. On her sixteenth birthday, Anna’s sister pricks her finger on a spinning wheel thus falling into eternal sleep along with the entire castle and court as well… except Anna. Knowing that she is the only one that can save her sister, Anna sets out on a journey to find a prince to wake up her sister. However Anna runs into many exciting and terrifying bumps along the way.

Personal Review:

This book was really cute. The story-line and ideas are very original especially for being based off of such a well known fairy tale.The writing is very simple and does not go as deep as some older readers would like but because of the sweetness of the story I think that most people will like it. Overall an enjoyable read especially for young readers.

- Curry

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